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The Genuine Kind Of Love

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God has been convicting my heart recently about this word called ‘Love’ and the truth is love is such a misused word. I thought I loved people because I was kind to them or they were kind to me, but no I didn’t. I thought I loved people because I was fond of their presence, but no I didn’t. I thought I loved people, but their slightest mistake towards me can put me really off. I thought I loved people but when they offend me, Continue reading “The Genuine Kind Of Love”


My Testimony: Everything Will Fall Into Place [Link Post]

Hey peeps!

For the sake of my wordpress friends who follow up on this blog, I posted yesterday, but somehow it backdated to 5 days ago meaning it didn’t display on the feed reader 😦 , but here’s the link to the post My Testimony: Everything Will Fall Into Place

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My Testimony: Everything Will Fall Into Place

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If anybody told me 2 months ago that I’d be where I am right now, I would have doubted, or probably even laughed like Sarah in the Bible did, but I’m here now and it’s true, everything has a way of falling in place when you have God by your side and He forever is. 

In my country, Nigeria, it is a common notion to keep the good things or testimonies that happen in your life to yourself. Hush your mouth, they say, or else evil people will hear and plot how to take it away from you or Continue reading “My Testimony: Everything Will Fall Into Place”

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Quit the envy: Don’t hATE, appreciATE.

It’s funny how I started writing this post since August 15th, but the storyline is just falling into place now.

A while ago, I learnt a phrase from my coursemate😂: Don’t hATE, appreciATE and the usefulness of that statement lays emphasis on us, ladies. Now I don’t intend on throwing shades, but it’s true. The envy and strife among women these days is quite alarming and I don’t know how it is that the brains of guys are wired, but it isn’t an obvious problem with them. Before we go on however, I’d start by first sharing a story to show you a perspective of wharram talking about lol…  Continue reading “Quit the envy: Don’t hATE, appreciATE.”

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Changed Perspective 

It seems quite late to say this, but, this month couldn’t have started any better. It’s been very rusty in here and I genuinely apologize 😭. I’ve missed posting so much, and I trust God that you are all doing well. I couldn’t post throughout the month of October because my life and thoughts were very crowded and if I could ascribe a title for October, it would be – the month of rediscovery.   Continue reading “Changed Perspective “

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Floods of Life

Today has been a watery day, lol. I was woken up by the cold from the heavy rain and quite frankly didn’t have the vibe to go for Chapel service because I was feeling too cozy. I managed to get up, boil water and brush my teeth while I waited for it to boil. After showering, I wore whatever I could find because ‘it was raining’ afterall so no-one would pay attention.   Continue reading “Floods of Life”